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Nursery School Projects

My smallest little boy is going to kindergarten. All parents have to write their children names on t-shirts, shoes and shorts, so they won’t mix  their clothes up

I was wondering: since I have all the fancy craft materials and machines at home, why not try something different.

I used Cricut iron-on name labels for clothes and items that stay attached to clothing even after washing. Find and purchase here.

My result looks too shiny for a boy though, but it was the only heat-paper I had at the time.

Nursery School Projects

I also made a name stamp to simply mark my child’s t-shirts. The image and the letters are cut from 2mm craft foam using my Cricut machine. I clued the image and letters on a thick card stock. Note that it has to be mirror image. It’s quite easy to stamp everything with it 🙂

Nursery School Projects

The third example is my favorite – A photo on a locker, so that kids would easily find their belongings. My son loves trains and cars, so I created a layout around the photo frame. I used scrapbooking paper, Cricut cut-outs, ribbon, wooden embellishments and buttons. The most important thing is that my toddler loves it.

Nursery School Projects

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